Saturday, July 19, 2008

34 Days and Counting

Hi, all--

As many of you know, I had wanted to finish this summer and potentially graduate in August. Through an unfortunate series of events within my department, that's not going to happen (and I've known that for a while). So. A little change in plans. I met with my advisor a few days ago, we figured out what I need to do to finish. The work won't be the groundbreaking text I had desired -- that'll have to come later :-) -- but I can get it done. My date to have the completed dissertation to my chair is August 22nd. I'll then have to do some revisions or clarifications or whatever, but the bulk of the work will be done.

In order to meet this deadline, I'm having to ignore (for a while) some of the work I wanted to do in this dissertation. As I mentioned last week, I have an extensive research agenda based on this dissertation. My job now is to complete what I have. I'll turn it in. I'll make whatever changes I need to make. I'll defend early in the fall (my desire), and I'll graduate in December. The graduation is a formality -- and I really like the ceremony of earning a Ph.D. and the public recognition that comes with that event. I will, however, be a Ph.D. earlier than December.

In the next 34 days, I have to finish my lit review, write one chapter on my findings, and finish the intro/conclusion. The intro and conclusion will be short . . . and probably not as rich as I'd like them to be. But you know what? That's perfectly fine with me.

I'm going to post here everyday for the next 34 days just to keep myself accountable. You are welcome to comment or not . . . I just need a space to post my accomplishments. I know you'll be reading, and that will encourage me to work hard.


C said...

Just keep with your mantra: a good dissertation is a done dissertation.

there's life on the other side. keep plugging away!

jerry'sdaughter said...

You go Billie! I will watch for your daily postings.

Abby said...

I agree with C on this one. Also, a professor once told me that a dissertation is a draft of a draft of a DRAFT of a book. It's not the last thing you'll say on the matter. For some of us, it's only the first (or second or third) thing. So get the draft done, jump through the tiny flaming razorwire hoop (people tell me that it's a just a big hoop to get through -- but big hoops are EASY to get through. You just step right through them), and then move on.

You can do this!

kayak kid said...

Keep up the momentum.

I'm at five days and counting, so I can sympathize with the dissertation as written is not the dissertation as planned problem.