Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 33 (and counting)

Hi, all. Just a quick check in. I have been writing all. damn. day. And I'm worn out. My lit review has 14,840 words as of this moment . . . but I write a lot, then I must pare it down .... and there's a lot of paring that has to happen with this work. However, the work is organized in the sections it needs to be in and about half of the information is in the order it needs to be in. So I feel good about that. I just need to blend and blend and blend (and organize the 2nd half). All that is the plate for tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm going to a baseball game. I'll probably take the text with me, though, and so some line editing.


Abby said...

Nicely done Billie. Keep it up.

Bionic-Woman said...

Hang in there Billie...I hear you. I too am simply worn out but the thought of being done is strangely just enough to keep me Energizer bunnying it. Although I will admit that after a certain # of hours my brain refuses to process and then I have to stop. It's the darn lit review and methodology chapters that take so long. As I just blogged, a very dear friend/colleague/co-editor told me that once 3 chapters are done you know you'll be able to put this thing behind you as a PhD and not an ABD. So, in that spirit, onwards and forwards. Hope the baseball game was a good break.

jerry'sdaughter said...

you may feel worn out, but you are inspiring me! If you can do it I can too!

I feel you on the writing a lot and then having to pare down. I look at my draft and wonder, "Who wrote this drivel? She repeated herself over and over, poor thing!" Ah well. That would be me.

Hope you slept deeply and woke up refreshed.