Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Progress

To my surprise working on my proposal for a minimum of 8 hrs per week, more many weeks, has paid off. I have a decent version of the proposal done. My committee chair is presently reviewing it. I am sure it needs more work, but it is no longer the quagmire it was a few months ago. It is actually readable, if you like reading dissertations! :)

If you keep at it you make progress. Like exercising, it is painful at times but if you are consistent and persistent you see results. Like dieting, it is sometimes very frustrating but if you just do it you eventually reach your goal.

See that tunnel? There is a faint light way down there at the end.....


FlyBaby at Work said...

Dear dissertators,

I enjoy reading your posts and envy your progress. I am writing my dissertation as well, even though I am yet to pass my research proposal stage. Let's just say my advisor thinks it's ok for me to be writing the dissertation, but not take my oral exam. But I digress...

I've got a question.

How do all of you deal with keeping track of all your notes and chapter editions? I find that even if I create folders for each chapter and rename chapter files as I revise them, I still have some miscellaneous notes and quotes that I keep moving in and out of a chapter. Sometimes they are not used at all. So often I find myself "discovering" pieces that I've written and forgotten about. A couple of times I rewrote sections which alas were already written (by me!) before.

Can any of you share how you deal with this?

Thank you!

spacecase1 said...

I am glad you are doing so well, and am envious too!!! I can't mourn over lost time, or I shall just lose more!!!